J&J Express also is an eCommerce Freight forwarder for an Amazon FBA shipments.We are one of the top FBA logistics company in the Canada.With Amazon’s domination of the online market, an eCommerce business has the potential to grow exponentially on the site. We ship your goods directly  from China to Amazon warehouse in Canada/USA,various shipping methods with competitive Ocean/Air shipping rates,save your time and costs.

What Is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. With this service, Amazon stores your product in their distribution centers and ships it out to customers on your behalf. Amazon FBA enables qualified eCommerce businesses to be part of their Amazon Prime program.

 Can we help you grow your business?

The potential to grow an eCommerce business quickly is exponential, and you need J&J Express that can grow with you. That means we have an extensive network of partners around the world and access to multiple shipping lanes. We can meet the demands of your growing business and will work with you to keep your supply chain flowing efficiently.